Why Companies Switch From Network Courier To PCA Masters Courier Company

With more and more competitors entering into Singapore’s courier industry, one of them stands out the most, and that’s PCA Masters. As a young company, they have managed to successfully scale up quickly to over 25 couriers in their company and continue to scale steadily while keeping up their standards of service. Actually, they’re far from being the only new company in Singapore, but their rapid rise to success is virtually unheard of in this industry which is was dominated by old players. Let’s take a deeper look at them.

PCA Masters provides same day courier service locally in Singapore, and instead of going the conventionally Asian way of doing business – cutting prices to get volume, they focused on getting their customer support right. I would fairly say that Singapore’s courier service industry is largely broken in the past, despite the several companies there are in Singapore. This is because most businesses focus on the money aspect of the business, but forget that customers buy courier service not because it’s cheap (postal is always cheapest), but because they need to solve a problem (get something to another location on the same day and be highly accountable). There are so many companies which are constantly unaccountable and shrug off the problems when they meet problems and blame it always on the customer without looking at the facts. Also, many companies forget that timing is very important when it comes to something like courier service – where it’s usually companies delivering time sensitive documents which use the most!

Most old companies try to cut their prices by keeping their service levels lower, and by giving a no frills service. It is something like there are 10 budget airlines, and yet another budget airlines comes out to compete. It’s ridiculous doing business that way, sooner or later, no one will make profits and many companies like Rocket Uncle / Zyllem, Idelivery and Gogovan has completely pulled out of the small item document/parcel delivery service in Singapore because they have competed their own profits away. Network courier has also been dwindling down in their business compared to 20 years ago when they first started, because they refuse to keep up with the changing economy, and the fact that people want more than cheap but poor services. Companies which focus on their service and value to their customers will thrive regardless of the economy, because they’re not dependent on getting sales because they are cheap, but they get sales because they are valuable. That is why companies like PCA Masters will become the Apple or Google of Singapore’s courier services industry.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comment area below!

Exploring A Courier Job In Singapore

Want to explore new jobs other than that of typical Singapore? Then look to the roads. With the rise of Uber and Grab in the taxi / chauffeuring industry and PCA Masters and Lalamove in the courier industry, there are lots of new jobs created by these entrepreneurs. There are lots of people in Singapore who are getting increasingly disgruntled by how office culture has permeated most parts of Singapore, and want to get out of the normal ‘system’, by being their ‘own boss’ as an independent contractor working for companies. This is a very common phenomenon in Singapore. Fewer people want a ‘full time’ job anymore, and would prefer a ‘full time’ income working as a freelancer – basically, get the same benefits but have the extra benefit of being classified a contractor instead!

I really think that the gig economy as well as non-office jobs are becoming very attractive to many people in Asia as well, not just in Singapore alone.

Try contacting PCA Masters if you need a courier job, their details are as follows:

PCA Masters – Address: #06-76 Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Dr, Singapore 573969 | Telephone: 6681 5781

Another good company to work for to complement your courier job is Grab Singapore. Find them here:

Grab Singapore – Address: #01-143, Midview City, 28 Sin Ming Lane, 573972 Telephone: 6570 3925

Enjoy your new job/career as a courier deliveryman as well as a private driver! It is much more fun than working in an office in Singapore!!!! The best of all, you get to work while driving and have a car to use in Singapore, where otherwise the prices of cars will not be justified if you simply work at a normal office environment.

How To Pick A Courier Company In Singapore

Picking a courier company in Singapore can be a challenging and daunting task for people who have never done so before and are tasked to do this by their boss. This is because a courier company usually handles highly important and sensitive documents of a company, and if you were to find the wrong courier company, you may very well get fired if the courier company is unreliable or cannot be punctual for time sensitive deliveries. Also, if the costs are too high, you will be scolded too. It can truly be an amazingly daunting task for you. Here are some tips to help you negate some of these common concerns and worries.

  1. Always make sure that the courier company is reliable. Above all, a courier must always be trustworthy and punctual. That is the most important thing, and far more important than prices. If a courier will steal things or be consistently late or lie to customers, then working with such a courier will cause you a lot of long term issues. Make sure that trustworthiness is a big value of the courier company you’re about to engage.
  2. Secondly, check their reviews online. With the Internet, Yelp, Google, Facebook e.t.c., it is so easy to find out the reviews online for any courier company in Singapore. There are lots of places in which people / customers can review the courier they’ve used before, and so you can easily find out the reputation of any given courier company in Singapore (with a website or web presence) easily. Any self respecting courier in Singapore would definitely update their business with a website and Facebook page at least, hence you should be able to find them online, and their reviews too.
  3. How are their costing like? Some courier companies charge cheaply for same day deliveries, while they charge a lot for urgent deliveries in Singapore. Others charge more for deliveries across further distances but charge a lot cheaper for urgent deliveries. In my opinion, you should go for companies which charge a lot cheaper for urgent deliveries versus distance (if you had to pick one), because if you’re finding a courier company on a company’s behalf, most documents which are couriered actually are time sensitive. Once you’ve decided on a company, then do contact them and ask them for packages suited to your requirements. Personally I recommend PCA Masters, you can contact them here – http://www.pcamasters.com/contact-us/.

Who Should Outsource Deliveries In Singapore?

Singapore is a relatively small country, and some people question why individuals need cars or why businesses need to outsource their deliveries. However, there are MORE than a myriad of reasons why you should get a delivery company such as http://www.pcamasters.com to courier your items instead of doing it yourself.

  • First of all, having a courier in Singapore to help you settle all things related to deliveries would be very convenient. This is because you would then not need to ever take precious time and step out of your office during working hours to send an item to another associate or business client. You can instead use that same time to complete more work within the same period of time and get to rest early OR you can use that time to make more sales and profits for your business.
  • Second of all, I think it is absolutely important that you treat time as more important than money – especially if you’re a startup. This is because you will never ever be more well funded than the largest MNCs. This is why to grow and eventually beat the MNCs, you will need to be sharp and think on your feet and put in creative effort. To do that, you need time and effort doing productive activities and not wasting time travelling on public transport in Singapore to deliver an item because you want to save a few dollars.
  • Third of all, what if your intended recipient is not around? You would have not only wasted time but money (travelling costs) if you did the delivery yourself. By engaging a local Singapore courier company to help you perform the courier delivery, in the event that the person is not around, you would only have wasted some money, but not time and effort. If you need to re-deliver the item, you just need to pay again to have the courier company re-deliver it. It’s that simple – you save all your time and effort. However, this also means that you should engage only trusted couriers in Singapore.

Courier Services Singapore – Why Trust And Convenience Is Everything

Personally, I would not bother wasting money on courier services in Singapore for items which are unimportant and only to be delivered to friends. I would only spend and invest money into a courier service if they will help me deliver something very important and/or time sensitive. That’s the main reason couriers are there for – to deliver highly important documents/parcels which are time sensitive in nature. Secondly, if you have ever tried to order a courier delivery in Singapore, you will realize how tedious the forms are, and how much effort you need to go through to place an order. I would prefer if it was easier to order. Let me explain the two points below.

The above first point means that it’s extremely important that I absolutely trust the courier provider I’m going to use – as the items are highly important and the delivery is of a time sensitive nature. It has to be picked up and couriered within a particular timeframe – usually the same day or perhaps even within several hours from ordering the courier delivery. These are mostly documents and some parcels which needs to be couriered (hand delivered) to the right person by a stipulated time frame. If I did not trust a courier, I would not hand over something of such high importance, such as highly valuable cheques, letter of credits, won contracts, e.t.c. to the courier. I need to absolutely trust the company for me to want to courier the item using the company. This is because there is a good possibility that the item can go missing or spoilt/damaged, and the responsible courier deny all responsibilities – that would be terrible. Also, after my item is picked up by the courier company, I would want to know whether my item has been delivered and/or where it is now. I need to know whether it has been delivered and received safely and securely by my intended recipient. This is why I think it’s absolutely important for trust and accountability when it comes to courier services, even in a small island country such as Singapore where courier orders are usually completed within a few hours or within the same day at most. This is why same day delivery courier companies which send successful delivery notifications such as https://plus.google.com/+PCAMastersSingapore/ are doing so well in this industry, because they fulfill two of the most important things when it comes to courier deliveries.

The second point means that I want to press as few buttons, talk to as few people and do as little as possible to place an order and have a courier complete my delivery. This is the whole point of me ordering such a service – to reduce hassles, otherwise, I may as well do it myself!

Is Courier Services Better Than Doing It Yourself?

There are people who support the use of courier services of Singapore companies like www.pcamasters.com/courier-delivery-singapore instead of doing it themselves, while others will prefer doing deliveries themselves. In my opinion, it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

For example, if you are delivering a gift to a friend in Singapore, but the gift is not time sensitive, and you are both not working or have relatively free schedules, then honestly, I would suggest you to actually perform the delivery yourself, by meeting your friend somewhere outside or going to his or her house yourself. Honestly, Singapore is small, so you can do it yourself. However, if you have an urgent document or parcel which you need to get delivered quickly, then it’s important that you get the item there on time now. If you’re busy, then chances are you will prefer using a reliable courier in Singapore to help you get the items couriered than wasting your own time and effort doing that as you make more money and are more productive doing your normal work. In such an instance, utilizing a courier service in Singapore is definitely the smarter choice for you.

It really boils down to how much your time and physical effort is worth to you. To certain people, it’s unimportant, and that’s why those people prefer doing everything themselves and ‘contributing’ physical effort themselves. However, if you’re a high earner or are busy, you would definitely outsource such mundane activities. I mean, why on earth would you put in so much effort when you can simply spend $10-$20 to get a courier to deliver your item urgently?

To me, I am a busy entrepreneur, and so I am simply too busy to bother doing such stuff. I believe strongly in outsourcing menial tasks like couriering an item to a company in Singapore, rather than doing it myself. I make more money working than delivering that item. That’s why I use courier services. It’s really about what you need and cherish more, time and effort or money more. Decide that point, then you would know what’s the ideal decision for yourself – to use courier services in Singapore or to perform the delivery yourself!

Uprising Courier Companies In Singapore?

In every industry which can be lucrative, there will be lots of competitors. This is because everyone wants a piece of the pie. This is why the logistics, and courier services industry in Singapore is so highly competitive. Unless companies have a unique selling proposition, there is absolutely no way in which a particular firm can actually stand out versus other companies.

In my opinion, there are only a few courier companies in Singapore which may be excellent and become large players in Singapore’s courier industry in the upcoming few years. Here are some of the most prominent players and why I think they will dominate and change the industry.

A. PCAMasters

An upcoming star (in my opinion), PCA Masters focuses on customer experience and wows them. What makes them special is their incredible focus on absolute and complete customer satisfaction. Even with something as simple and mundane as courier services, PCA Masters is able to set themselves apart with the smoothest customer service support. From the time you step onto their website and order, wait for the delivery to be completed and after the delivery you’ve ordered been completed, it feels almost as though you’re severely underpaying them for their incredible first class services. This is something incredible and hard to see in Singapore, where service is usually not looked upon as something important in business due to the lack of tips provided to employees and/or businesses for great service. Sometimes, if you were to order courier deliveries from PCA Masters, you feel as though you’ve stepped into a whole new world, just like how you feel that about flights when you take a first class flight seat.

Rating: 9/10

B. Lalamove

An application primarily targeting people who want to move heavier and bulky items (though it also claims it handles courier service for small items such as parcels or documents), Lalamove seeks to disrupt Singapore’s van deliveries by bringing the power of crowd sourcing to the industry which is usually dominated by a few large players. Many say that it will become like the Grab or Uber of the industry, while others are less optimistic about apps like Lalamove. One of the greatest critics of applications like Lalamove is that it is inherently different in nature with that of Uber e.t.c., because for Uber e.t.c., it is actually the customer himself or herself who gets transported, not the item. When it comes to Lalamove, most deliverymen on it are trustworthy, however, there are some who will simply pass to anybody at the receiving end and say that the delivery is completed. This lack of accountability is hard to accept for most customers who are businesses delivering bank or financial related contracts. They need high accountability. Hence, I think that such applications are still acceptable for normal deliveries for unimportant items, but not others.

Rating: 6.5/10

C. Ninja Van

A logistics company targeted at deliveries strictly for E-commerce companies, Ninja Van specializes in courier services for E-commerce product distribution. They have gotten very promising looking funding for themselves. However, surprisingly and shockingly, their ratings on social media and Google plus for some odd reason doesn’t seem good in terms of their service. Perhaps this is partly due to quick scaling and not focusing enough on each and every single customer transaction. I would say that from customer’s point of view, it’s slightly less than ideal if this is the case. As a customer I would care less about how ‘successful’ a company is, and cared more about how stable and how much care they show their customers.

Rating: 6.5/10

Disrupting Singapore’s Courier Industry For The Better?

Disrupting an industry seems like a Silicon Valley phrase, but it really isn’t. Especially in a country like Singapore, a business hub, it’s especially important to differentiate yourself from others if you want to build a successful company – and this is the case for courier delivery services too!

Every industry would have certain excesses and ‘bad practices’ which is usually the case because it has become full of small players with no true desire to become the market’s monopoly player. This is also the case with Singapore’s courier service industry, there are a lot of small courier firms in Singapore, which stay small forever. In direct contrast to what most people think, it’s actually the presence of monopoly power in a market that lead to gluts and lack of improvements in service standard. It’s the lack of it. Remember, for any delivery company to truly become a ‘monopoly’, it has to have service standards so much higher than all other companies combined. However, if every one stays small and takes home only their small pie and are satisfied with it, problems arise for the customers.

This is why the courier service in Singapore is particularly ripe for true disruption, for true innovation AND vast service standards improvements. This is why there are such fast growth courier service companies in Singapore like PCA Masters (www.pcamasters.com/courier-delivery-singapore/) which are winning over customers through 1 simple reason – exceptional customer experience through complete trust and convenience.

There are so many small courier companies in Singapore. Here are some of the common problems you might face if you were to engage courier services in Singapore now:

  • Lack of manpower on busy days. This is particularly the case when it comes to courier companies with only 1 or 2 employees or fewer.
  • Lack of accountability. Because most courier companies are short on manpower, what happens is that they do not have the time to notify their customers that the delivery has been completed. This leads to a lot of ambiguity and trouble on the part of the customers.
  • Slow responses. I’m not sure if you have engaged courier companies, but some of them are super slow in responding to their customers! This is a big frustration point because it makes customers very worried about the status of their deliveries.

Any company, in my opinion like PCA Masters, which can solve the above problems effectively will easily (if they manage to push through with high service standards) become the leader in Singapore.